Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do the Liberals have a case of foot IN mouth disease spreading through the caucus?

First we see reports about Iggie promising BILLIONS extra to Quebec for the HST (what happened to proper negotiation?) and further untold millions to build an arena. The net effect may somehow WIN Iggie control of a minority government, but the cost will be pretty much every seat west of Ontario.  Bad move for the wrong reasons iggie.

Now we are getting the news that Trudeau  does not think honour killings are a barbaric practice that we should respect cultures that allow this. No wait, he means we should just talk nicer about them, no wait.. well we dont know what he really thinks.

Who's next to catch the disease in this ridiculous quest for majority government that they are willing to throw fiscal responsibility out the window and treat criminals (or should we call them alternative judgment enabled ) with an even softer touch?

Next time you vote.  Vote NoPE.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Go to hell Sam Katz and the rest of council

Is that clear enough?

Adding $31.6 million PLUS increasing user fees PLUS additional revenue earned through more houses being built DOES NOT EQUAL a tax freeze.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Free to applaud, Free to criticize.

The great thing about not being tied to a party is the ability to call everyone idiots to their face and not have some Party Elite somewhere wonder how I can be punished.

I can say that it is beyond idiotic that the federal PCs are spending truck loads of cash fanning out across the country saying "hey look at us, we spent your money!".  I can call iggie a jackass for being iggie and the Federal Liberals idiots beyond compare for having him as their leader. I can say I think Kerri Irvin-Ross might be smoking something if she thinks its a good idea to pay people to not commit crimes.

On the other hand I can admit that KIRs idea about a small tax on new homes to pay towards low income housing has some merit, that iggie has awesome eyebrows and the PCs are at least trying to do something to punish criminals and they have made some significant headway.

Next time you vote, vote NoPE.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is there a party for people who wont toe the party line?

Far to often in our society we have people simply toeing a political party line. No thought process is involved and they simply accept what "the majority" in the party decides. Its great to have a group of people you can work with to further common goals. But what happens when not all the goals line up? Should you not still be able to work with those people on other things and simply agree to differ on the one or two items?

A local politician recently admitted he did not agree with the party line on a certain item, however he did vote with the party simply for the greater good of what he can do with a party backing him on other issues. He will survive simply because there is no way the party can benefit from going after him.

But..what if there was a no party, party? Could it work?  Would it do more to benefit our Province or Country if it was governed by people who were perfectly free to vote on the issue as they and their voters saw fit instead of voting how some Party Ruling Elite decided they should vote? Looking at our civic governments can successfully be run without parties being involved I think our Province and our Country can benefit from this as well.

Come the next election will you simply vote for someone who sorta kinda shares your views because they belong to a political party? Or will you vote for your ideas, your views and your morality?

Next election I am voting for the No Party Elite. I am voting NoPE.