Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do the Liberals have a case of foot IN mouth disease spreading through the caucus?

First we see reports about Iggie promising BILLIONS extra to Quebec for the HST (what happened to proper negotiation?) and further untold millions to build an arena. The net effect may somehow WIN Iggie control of a minority government, but the cost will be pretty much every seat west of Ontario.  Bad move for the wrong reasons iggie.

Now we are getting the news that Trudeau  does not think honour killings are a barbaric practice that we should respect cultures that allow this. No wait, he means we should just talk nicer about them, no wait.. well we dont know what he really thinks.

Who's next to catch the disease in this ridiculous quest for majority government that they are willing to throw fiscal responsibility out the window and treat criminals (or should we call them alternative judgment enabled ) with an even softer touch?

Next time you vote.  Vote NoPE.

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